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The Many Dangers of Publishing Too Soon.

The Many Dangers of Publishing Too Soon. This is a subject I’ve touched on before, but a recent experience has convinced me to devote an entire blog post to it. I bought an e-book, the first of a series, because … Continue reading

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Headtalker Promos- What they are and how they can help.

If you are promoting a book or a Kindle Scout campaign, there are exactly one butt ton of promoters that want to help you promote your work ranging from free to hundreds of dollars. I’m sending my second novel through … Continue reading

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To newsletter or not to newsletter? That is the question.

This year, I decided to jump into the self publishing pool with both feet. Descending has already been published, and Wyrd House starts its Kindle Scout campaign tomorrow. Teatime will be the third, and then I have to decide which … Continue reading

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Using CreateSpace for Non-traditional Purposes

CreateSpace is Amazon’s gateway to easy self-publishing. Whatever your opinion of Amazon, CreateSpace, and self-publishing in general, it’s a useful tool and fairly user friendly. I learned to use it to publish a book of my mother’s. Because the program … Continue reading

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User Unfriendly: Age makes a difference when using computers.

I was born in 1965. When I was a very small child, my Dad worked on one of the first computers in the state. He took me to see it. It filled an entire room and was programmed with punch … Continue reading

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Why I won’t read your free book on Kindle

What is awesome about Kindle and the self-publishing age is that there are tons of books out there that are being sold for 99 cents or even free of charge. Free books are fairly common. Authors who have put up … Continue reading

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