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Grammarly- Help or Hindrance?

Grammarly is a grammar checking program for writers. There are several forms of the program, but today I’m here to talk about the plug-in for Microsoft Office. This plug-in also works for Microsoft Word, you don’t have to actually own Office … Continue reading

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The Many Dangers of Publishing Too Soon.

The Many Dangers of Publishing Too Soon. This is a subject I’ve touched on before, but a recent experience has convinced me to devote an entire blog post to it. I bought an e-book, the first of a series, because … Continue reading

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99 cent Valentine’s Romance Sale

My action/ adventure romance, Descending is part of a 99 cent romance eBook sale.  There are over 50 books on sale, and even some paperbacks and audio books as well.  To check it out, click the banner below. February 12th … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Romance Sale!

If you’re looking for a new romance read, here’s a bunch for your perusal. Some are new releases, and some (including my Descending) are on sale for $.99 from now until the 14th. Check them out! 1) Marilyn Vix Genre: … Continue reading

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Headtalker Promos- What they are and how they can help.

If you are promoting a book or a Kindle Scout campaign, there are exactly one butt ton of promoters that want to help you promote your work ranging from free to hundreds of dollars. I’m sending my second novel through … Continue reading

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The Weakness of Stupidity as a Plot Device

We’ve all seen it. We’re watching that TV show or movie, or we’re reading that book, and the normally clever and unflappable character pulls a move so boneheaded that we roll our eyes and disengage from the story entirely. What’s … Continue reading

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Wyrd House Kindle Scout Campaign Begins!

It’s time! After ages of prep, my paranormal mystery, Wyrd House, is up on Kindle Scout. What it means: Kindle Scout is an Amazon program where anyone can enter a novel and have a chance to get it published by … Continue reading

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To newsletter or not to newsletter? That is the question.

This year, I decided to jump into the self publishing pool with both feet. Descending has already been published, and Wyrd House starts its Kindle Scout campaign tomorrow. Teatime will be the third, and then I have to decide which … Continue reading

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